Now available - Tom Kundig book “Houses 2”

SSによって October 03, 2011
Now available - Tom Kundig book “Houses 2”

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Photographers and others worldwide were asked, “What would be your ideal working environment?” From this input we knew Studio Sitges needed the best architect. We found him. It was Tom Kundig.

Now his just published book “Houses 2” tells the story of a three years’ collaboration. It shows the outcome of the monumental planning and discussion that went into the creation of the purpose-built Studio and the House that goes with it.

Tom is actively redefining the grammar of architecture. For example you can see it in the House’s wood and iron staircases, the positioning of the pool, doors that open in different ways and the curved outside architectural line that goes all the way through the bathrooms of the suites.

The book and its pictures reveal why Seattle-based Tom Kundig continues his meteoric rise. Over the last five years he has gained a world-wide reputation for an innovative balance of raw materials with modernist design. Nowadays he collects numerous awards including the 2011 “World Architecture News House of the Year Award” for his design of The Pierre in Seattle and “Residential Architect’s Project of the Year award” for Art Stable in Washington State.

You can see the result in pictures from the book attached here.

So why go to such great lengths? It’s so that you can have the world’s finest Studio available to you.

This month’s Special Feature

SSによって October 01, 2011
This month’s Special Feature

Epson HD/1080p Projector with 8m+ wide screen

Here at Studio Sitges we have the capability to project up to 8 meters width in our cyclorama or even bigger if you want more space. And your images can be projected on the fly via your laptop while you are shooting tethered.

Using super-resolution technology, our in-house projector can actually increase resolution and detail. The highest contrast ratio on the market brings you a real-life cinema and video experience.

Just think what all this could do for your conference and workshop presentations!

The best just got better.

Rodneyによって September 14, 2011
The best just got better.

We are talking about the new IQ180 system from Phase One.

Come to think of it, it’s true of Studio Sitges too because this fantastic new advance is now available on request to our Studio clients. This leading-edge equipment is now our in-house system and we are blown away by what it can do.

It has received rave reviews from the professional press and we can vouch for the fact that it lives up to them. “Digital Photographer” magazine says “It cannot be faulted….. for those at the top of their game”. “Luminous Landscape” describes it as “The most significant advance since the first untethered back.” And “PDN” talk of “the best image quality of any medium format system, bar none.”

If all this sounds like what you’ve been waiting for and now you are itching to get your finger on the button, then it’s here for you right now at Studio Sitges.

Read the full reviews at PHASE ONE NEWS and PHOTO DISTRICT NEWS.

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