Kids invasion!!!

Rodneyによって January 25, 2013
Kids invasion!!!

This past weekend, a troop of kids invaded Studio Sitges.

What was going on...? Why they were here...? You'll find out soon. For the moment being, take a look at this little dancer...

The Secrets of 3D cinematography

Rodneyによって January 17, 2013
The Secrets of 3D cinematography

Get ready for our new workshop...!!!

Learn how stereo vision works, and how we use this in audiovisual media. The history of 3D Photography and different methodologies. Different 3D rigs and when to use which type of rig, why they complement each other. Pros and cons of each rig. Mathematical calculations for stereography and how to apply them. Shoot 3D tests - 3D Previz. Programs for 3D post-production. And... Screening of material shot in 3D.
Each participant will have the opportunity to shoot sample footage for their showreel...!!!

Instructor: Juan A. Fernandez, Director of Photography/ Stereographer.

Dates: January, 26 - 27

Visit our workshops section, and enroll today...!!!

Introducing... Barcelona Photo Experience

Rodneyによって November 20, 2012
Introducing... Barcelona Photo Experience

After Richard Kern's workshop, we offer you the chance to live an incredible experience in Barcelona. Interested...? Keep on reading.

BARCELONA PHOTO EXPERIENCE is a package tour to one of the most beautiful cities of the world, conceived by photographers for advanced amateur and professional photographers.

This is a unique opportunity to increase photographic knowledge and skills. And a chance to make new contacts in the industry...

In this five day trip, attendees will practice and enjoy:
• Architectural photography in Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia.
• High speed car photography at an amazing race circuit built in the 1920’s.
• Documentary photography in the old quarters of the city with a focus on the Civil War,
  plus a seminar on this historic period.
• Nature and landscape photography in the mysterious Montserrat mountains.
• A chance to buy top photographic material at unbeatable prices in one of the
  oldest and largest shops in Europe.
• A visit to Studio Sitges, southern Europe's most amazing photo facilities,
  to study advanced lighting techniques using industry-leading broncolor equipment.
• And several gastronomic events and wine tastings.

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