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Kaat Waterschoot, Me and Paris 2006 � photoprint on dibond, acrylic glass finish

Utrecht, Netherlands   
It's a sex thing

Sex has many appearances; and that becomes clear in this exhibition at Flatland Gallery. Love, beauty, lust, challenge, struggle; all provoke strong emotions that fill everyday life with great energy. It is these things that make what we are, and keep our race from extinction. Flatland's artists have a lot to say about it.

07 Apr - 26 May 2007 - Flatland Gallery

Cornelie Tollens, Eat Me, 2006

Cornelie Tollens surrounds herself in an imaginary boudoir filled with things that she finds intriguing and alluring. Flowers, fruits and fruit, valuable materials such as lace, satin and damask, supple and smooth ribbons and lingerie. But also the secret places in soft, beautiful bodies, and the suggestive soft shapes of life in the sea, as opposed to the aggressive pointed shapes of a beak or a high heel.

These are the ingredients of her work in which it is important that the artist herself remains firmly in charge of the complete presentation. Cornelie Tollens wants to use her photography to illustrate both beauty and creamy innocence, which is not an easy task given the wide selection of guilty objects and accessories.

Flatland focuses on contemporary art: photography and video-works, drawings, paintings, sculptures. All Flatland artists have great technical skills, and their work is colourful, baroque, and in a way: perfect.